Apalach Inshore

Apalachicola is a quaint Southern town thriving with maritime culture due to its location on the Apalachicola Bay and river basin. Surrounded by the beautiful white sands of St George Island and neighboring beaches of Cape San Blas, there is no shortage of fishing opportunities along the coastline or within the bays and tidal creeks of the area. A city known primarily for its oysters and seafood, ‘Apalach’ is an outstanding fishing destination as well.

Apalach Inshore specializes in sight fishing the area’s waters with fly and light tackle. Redfish and trout can be caught year-round in the bays and rivers, and the summer months witness a spectacular migration of tarpon that draws anglers from all over the world. We pursue these species from shallow water skiffs, which allow us to remain stealthy and watch the whole act unfold before us…producing a thrill unknown to many other types of fishing. Click to learn more about our fishing charters.

Captain Brett Martina

Born and raised in Apalachicola, FL- Brett developed a passion for his sport at a very young age.  Apalachicola was a great place to grow up, and it offered so many opportunities for a youth learning the ways of the outdoors.


I can remember going fly fishing for bream in the river with my dad during the spring, and then the next day we would go catch a mess of mullet down in the bay

But over the years, Brett has become more of a student than a fisherman…learning the variables and understanding his surroundings in depth. As a guide, sharing this understanding with other anglers has become much more rewarding than catching a bunch of fish on his own. These days, it is all about maintaining knowledge of the area’s tarpon and redfish, and putting his anglers on the fish of a lifetime.